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Directions and Objectives

The Assemblée nationale du Québec maintains relations with other parliaments and interparliamentary organizations.

In conducting interparliamentary and international relations, the Assemblée nationale follows three principles:

  1. Pursuing its interparliamentary and international relations independently
  2. Integrating interparliamentary and international relations into its parliamentary work
  3. Maintaining its democratic pluralism in designating participants to its interparliamentary and international activities in order to ensure gender parity and the representativeness of each parliamentary group and independent MNAs according to its composition

Consult the Assemblée nationale’s by-law on interparliamentary and international activities (French only, PDF 58 Ko).


By participating in activities dealing with interparliamentary relations, the Assemblée seeks to

  1. Make the Assemblée nationale more modern and open
  2. Reinforce the effectiveness of parliamentarians in their duties
  3. Promote sectors in which Québec excels