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Parliamentary and Ministerial Office Holders

MNAs may hold one or more parliamentary or ministerial offices in the National Assembly or on parliamentary committees. A cabinet minister does not have to be an MNA, but must be elected to represent an electoral division in order to sit in the National Assembly.

Parliamentary and ministerial office holders will be named progressively following the general election of October 1st, 2018.

The Committee on the National Assembly has a certain number of powers relating to the operation of the other parliamentary committees. For instance, the Committee

  • determines the composition of each committee
  • sets the date of the first meeting of each committee
  • assigns chairships among the parties.

The Standing Orders of the National Assembly state that the Committee on the National Assembly must meet to consider these matters, which must be decided unanimously, not later than the third day on which the Assembly sits following the election of the President at the opening of a Legislature. The Committee must also meet as often as needed during the Legislature.

Furthermore, the Act respecting the National Assembly dictates that the members and substitute members of the Office of the National Assembly must be named within the first 15 days of a session.

  • Public Administration (CPA)
  • Agriculture, Fisheries, Energy and Natural Resources (CAFENR)
  • Planning and the Public Domain (CPPD)
  • National Assembly (CNA)
  • Culture and Education (CCE)
  • Labour and Economy (CLE)
  • Public Finance (CPF)
  • Institutions (CI)
  • Citizen Relations (CCR)
  • Health and Social Services (CHSS)
  • Transportation and Environment (CTE)

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